This review addresses the first three books in the Baby Girl series, which to this point includes Book 1, In the Beginning – Book 2, Moonlighting in Paris – Book 3, City by the Bay.

The story surrounds the trials and adventures of a girl, seemingly born into poverty to a drug addicted mother. Finding herself completely alone, and unaware of her mother’s death, the girl heads out into the world on her own. The story moves along through her subsisting on dumpster trash and living under a bridge to a life of luxury in Paris and beyond. In the interim, the protagonist creates life long friendships, lives life on the run, falls in love, experiences great highs and lows, successes and devastating loss … as she delves into her past.

There are some incredibly fortuitous coincidences that will force the reader to stretch the imagination, but hey … this is fiction, not real life. Ergo … fun. I don’t believe you’ll be able to simply read Book 1. You’ll find yourself sucked in and rooting for the character. Enjoyed!



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