I like Dean Koontz mainly because he writes stories that are beyond the realm of reality as we believe it to be. Making the reader think the basic premiss is possible is obviously fun for him to imagine and for us to read, and in the genre of Koontz, scary as well. Predictable at times, but fun.

This audiobook was released in 2008, is just over fifteen hours of listening, and is nicely read by J. Charles. J. Charles is not a prolific narrator, but does a good job throughout.

I particularly enjoy the personification of Einstein, a Golden Retriever. Although I’ve no way of knowing, something tells me Mr. Koontz is, or has been, the owner of a dog. Several of his stores depict a dog, and anyone who loves and appreciates one of these furry companions, will enjoy this character immensely. They also might look at their own dog, and wonder…… Wonderfully done. This was my second listen to Watchers, I’ll likely re-listen again, over and over.



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