The Good House is in the vein of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, i.e., you must enjoy horror, the hide-behind-the-couch-scary stuff.

The story centers on demonic possession, voodoo, magic spells, and death of the innocent and bad guys alike. A spooky Good House on a hill and an ancient curse, will grip the reader. Anticipation will satisfy the ghoulish heart in you!

The story could have been shorter by a few chapters, in my opinion. The author is extremely adept at stretching out the story, creating new scenes of terror. All fit into the plot, but ultimately some didn’t really add much to the tale. Credibility is an issue for me with the behavior of Cory; he’s a teenager with the volatile hormones of a young man, but follows through with behavior that’s a bit too responsible for even an adult in the same position.

The books I’ve listened to in this genre usually have me rolling my eyes, but Tananarive Due does a great job. Narration is very well done by Robin Miles. At over twenty-one hours, The Good House is a long audiobook, but if you like the genre, it’s probably just about right!



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