Secret Thoughts begins with a small child, seemingly having only a cold. It’s more than a cold and the reader is gripped by the frantic efforts of the mother to save the dying little girl. Thus begins a mystery from headlines. A cause is quickly found. The killer, however, is not and, we’re off and running with this thrilling book.

I was immediately involved in the story …. I live in Chicago and vividly remember the public panic here regarding the tampering of acetaminophen capsules in the early 1980s. Several innocent people died. Those murders have never been solved.

This is a short novel, just over six hours of listening, read nicely by Ernie Sprance. This is my first listen of Sprance narration, and I was surprised to learn that he has only one other audiobook recording on Audible. Based on this recording, I think, and hope, he’ll be around a while in that he even does a nice job on female voices.

An enjoyable, exciting listen. Well worth the credits.



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