The protagonist, Nathaniel, is a loose cannon, a flawed character in many ways, which is one of those delightful slices of reality in Isolation Ward. As a Centers for Disease (CDC) doctor with a shady past, including getting tossed out of medical school, Nathaniel is a man with an attitude, obsessed with the pursuit of a possibly virulent pathogen.

This unabridged version of Isolation Ward is just over sixteen hours long, read by Scott Brick. Although not a prolific author, Spanogle’s books have that added benefit – realism. Spanogle is a doctor, with a stellar resumè, and this book has a medical theme right up his alley. The old axiom is ‘Write what you know.’, and Spanogle does. Needless to say, Scott Brick is one of the best, and adds a great deal to the story with his brilliant narration. Coincidently, Scott Brick is the narrator for Spanogle’s other books.

This book is in the vein of other medical thrillers, bringing to mind author’s like Robin Cook, Ken McClure, even a couple of Michael Crichton books. In some areas it can be a little protracted/slow, but for the most part this story is a good read and well worth the purchase. Enjoyed.



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