This audiobook copy of Digital Fortress was purchased in 2003 and it is narrated by Patrick Cohen. This edition is no longer available at, or anywhere for that matter – as far as I know. Ergo, I won’t comment much on the audio. The recording is poor, the narration a bit bland – just a guy reading the words.  The newer version is read by Paul Michael and although I’ve no way of knowing, I imagine it is much better.

The release date is 1994, so it is likely one of Dan Brown’s earliest books. Stretch the imagination quite a bit and you’ll enjoy Digital Fortress; it’s a fun story, especially given the era in which it was written. Clinton was in the White House, the high tech industry was pushing the stock market to unprecedented heights, the Internet was ‘invented’. Ergo, the imagination could go wild with speculation and in this book, it does. There is also a bit of foreshadowing of the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons in that a climax of the story takes place in a cathedral. The NSA has the ability to eavesdrop on emails, phone calls, etc., good-guys and bad-guys go to the wall in their attempts to thwart. And, the reader is wondering who’s good and who’s bad, an author’s objective. Don’t forget, this story was written five to eight years before 9/11, a different world. So, if you pull your mind back to 1994, it’s a pretty cool story. That is, unless Dan Brown has re-written the tale.




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