This edition of Dexter in the Dark, read by Nick Landrum, is just under thirteen hours of listening, and is no longer listed for sale on Admittedly, it’s been in my queue for quite a while. The edition now available for sale is read by the author and is just over ten hours. So…….this should be taken into consideration. The two versions appear to be the same book, of course. But, the narration length is askew. Possibly the author decided to re-write the work?

Dexter in the Dark is the first I’ve listened to in the Dexter series. The lead character is a killer, albeit kills only bad guys.  Written in first person, the story involves a great deal of inner thoughts on the part of Dexter, struggling with his demon and deeds, interspersed with a bizarre sense of humor. Dexter slumps into ‘gray, empty, madness’ and is somehow deemed to be the go-to-guy by his police detective sister. Neither she, nor his fiancé, have a clue that the guy isn’t playing with a full deck, he’s brilliant … and insane. Maybe you’re a fan of Dexter, either via the books or the TV series. But … I can’t recommend. Not many audiobooks I don’t finish, but this one is a bit too dark and convoluted. Frankly, the author may have had the same opinion and the book has been re-written. Anyway, the new version is probably different, it’s two hours shorter.



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