Drawn to this author due to an article in a Chicago newspaper. The setting of Chicago was naturally a draw, it’s my home town and where I live. I don’t usually review two books in one sweep, but these stories are connected. Brilliance begins with the premise that savants have used their ‘brilliance’ to take over and conquer a number of cultural icons, i.e., there is no more stock market, for example. The story progresses via an agent who believes in the necessity to eliminate gifted or brilliant people for perceived terrorism. He learns the evil of his ways and changes sides to protect his children and save the world.

A Better World is a continuation of the story. The world has been saved, however there is still tension between the ‘normal’ and the ‘abnorm’ , abnorms being the ‘brilliants’. The new President of the United States elicits the assistance of our protagonist, Nate Cooper, and we’re off and running with a new mystery, i.e., Cooper chasing the bad guys in his effort to again save the world.

Overall, the stories are fun listen. There are some areas of repetition that I personally found a bit annoying. The narration by Luke Daniels is nice, pace and tempo good. Daniels even does a good job with the female voice. Suggest starting with Brilliance, the first book in this SciFi series.

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