Been a fan of Baldacci ever since his break out novel in the mid nineties, Absolute Power. Every new author’s dream, a best selling break out novel made into a movie produced by, directed by, and starring Clint Eastwood. Yikes. I should only dream. Anyway …. back to Zero Day. This is the first of the series of books created by Baldacci surrounding the exploits of John Puller. Puller, a U S Army Secret Agent, is dispatched to a small town in the south to investigate the mysterious death of a military man and his entire family. Predictably, Puller winds up partnering with a sexy deputy sheriff with a chip on her shoulder that quickly dissolves as she softens toward Puller and they begin working together to solve what is ultimately a serious threat involving national security. There is considerable commonality to Lee Child’s character, Jack Reacher. A loner, get things done tough guy. There are a few interesting twists and a surprise ending. Well narrated by Ron McLarty and Oraigh Cassidy, male reading male voices, female reading female characters – nice first for me. There is very smooth dialogue transition throughout the book between the two leads, and the narrators do a terrific job.



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