The Target, as can be expected from Baldacci and this particular series, is a thrill ride. The story involves North Korea, Will Robie, and Jessica Reel. Given the fact that about 1000 reviews exist on alone, I won’t go into more detail. Check the other reviews or the blurb for plot and story detail. I’ve only one observation to make, and this is in regard to the audio production itself.

David Baldacci is one of the few authors who takes the creation of the audiobook to a different level. This is not just the obligatory add-on of an audiobook to round out the listing. Having listened to close to 1000 audiobooks, I can say with a degree of certainty that extraordinary thought and effort goes into these productions. Baldacci audiobooks are not simply recordings of his written word. Rather, a careful mix of audio sound effects and music, and in this instance, dual narration by Ron McLardy and Orlagh Cassidy. An exceptional listen. Not really sure if this methodology is driven by Baldacci himself, or by his publisher. The story is virtually an audiobook-movie, letting the listener create the video in their mind. Not sure that is stating it properly. Regardless, his books are a cut above in the audio format, and the type of book you love to hear. Worth the credits.

If you enjoy the exploits of Robie and Reel, there is no doubt you will enjoy approximately thirteen hours of listening to a new adventure!



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