Secrets to the Grave is the second in a trilogy about the town of Oak Knoll, not a place to live if you’re squeamish about grizzly murder. The story centers on the particularly gruesome murder of a young single mother. Her four year old little girl witnesses the murder. Sad premise to start. Ann Leone, the main character of this trilogy, is a lover of children, studying child psychology, and comes to the aide of the girl. The ultimate villain came to me much sooner than Tami Hoag would have liked, I’m sure…but, I won’t be a spoiler. I think my favorite character in the series is Fannie. I hope he appears in more books, a fun guy…had me laugh out loud a few times.

The book is read by Kirsten Potter, and she does a credible job with all character voices except the former Chicago cop. He sounds more east coast/Bostonian than midwestern (speaking as a born and bred Chicagoan). Great job with the other characters, including the child. Unabridged audiobook, about thirteen hours of listening.

If you enjoy a Hoag murder mystery, you’ll enjoy the story. I did, and I’m ready for the third book in the Oak Knoll trilogy.




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