The imagination needs to stretch a lot to wrap your brain around a very absurd story. The CIA superman protagonist is much in the character of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp or Brad Thor’s Scott Harvath. Will Robie blows bad guys away with impunity, but when confronted with an assignment that involves killing a woman he finds sheltering her young son, alarm bells ring in his conscience; something is not right. Thus begins a wild ride and an extremely convoluted plot involving his unlikely partnership with Julie, a twelve year old street-wise girl. Julie is running for her life, literally, having witnessed the murder of her parents. It’s a page turning story, but the plot so far fetched, you’ll roll your eyes. Sort of amazing that Baldacci moves from this scenario to a White House dining room assassination attempt. Personally, I enjoy the who-done-it espionage genre, but prefer story lines with more credibility. Audiobook review, about a dozen hours.




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