Audiobook. Erik Larson has written a non-fiction documentation of history in the form of a novel. The story is composed of parallel events, the World’s Fair Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the murders committed by H. H. Holmes. It is a very detailed compilation of both, including in-depth research of Chicago, well known celebratory architects and politicians, in addition to the diabolical and grizzly murders of Holmes.

If you have any interest in the history of Chicago, I highly recommended this award winning book. There is considerable name dropping of famous individuals who were involved in or attended the Fair, some surprising. Did you know that the Disney family was so impressed with the beauty of the “White City” that “The Magic Kingdom may well be a descendant  and L. Frank Baum so dazzled that the fabulous Fair brought to his creativity the emerald city of Oz?

The book is flawlessly read by Scott Brick with the exception of pronouncing the names of a few local Chicago cities. For example, Wilmette isn’t “will meet”, but rather “will met”.



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