Love long books. The longer the audiobook, the better. Plum Island is twenty hours and fits the bill. Also, love Scott Brick, the narrator of Plum Island.  Scott does a terrific job, especially with the lead character, John Corey, homicide investigator. After listening to well over half of the book, however, I can’t hang in there anticipating a story to develop. The artful dialogue of John Corey’s sarcasm is brilliantly conveyed, not only in the writing, but especially in the narration. But, nobody is that obnoxious, lending credibility to the character is impossible. The flippant sexual snipes are insulting, and in some circumstances would result in the ass getting himself and his police department sued. It is not often that I can’t continue listening to a novel, but I’ve punished myself enough with this one. There are no characters to care about, in my opinion. The mystery of a diabolical plague or other act of terror has not yet risen to the surface in this book, and I’ve suffered through over ten hours. I’m done.



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