Audiobook. Premise: A young woman who can see dead people. There you go. Great book concept, right? Add to this the fact that the woman is obsessed with a type A hunk that makes aggressive sexual advances to her as a young girl and now regularly brings her to orgasm in her sleep. Am I a complete prude or does this border on the behavior of a pedophile and is a bit creepy on her part? Fantasies are one thing, but…… The lead character is snarky, obnoxious, and in-your-face to everyone about her abilities, believers included.  One of the dead people even has the hots for one of the ‘alive’ investigators, then tears up when confronted with the grief of her sister. Gimme a break *sigh*. One cliche after another, in virtually every line of dialogue or narrator voice. Although, the author might redirect her career to being a stand-up comedianne as some of the lines are funny.

Unless you’d enjoy getting into a self-absorbed, offending, sexually obsessed airhead, take a pass. I couldn’t finish. I know, I know … pretty sad commentary considering all the laudatory reviews. Apparently, other readers see something about this book to enjoy, beats me.




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