Audiobook, read by Laurel Lefkow, 14 plus hours of listening. If you are interested in reading a book that reflects the well known movie starring Jodie Foster, this won’t work for you. The characters are there, i.e., Ellie Arroway, Parker Joss, David Drumlin, but the rolls are entirely different. Bill Clinton is not the president. In fact, the United States president is a woman. David Drumlin dies in an attack on one of the machines, but he saves Ellie’s life in the process. There are several machines, not only two. She does not have an affair with Parker Joss. The story is much more political in flavor and there is a considerable unloading of Sagan’s mind regarding these issues in addition to religion and faith. The actual science of the Vega communique is definitely the catalyst of the story, but it is heavily surrounded by the political and religious ramifications of the event. The version presented by hollywood does not have the depth of the written story, no surprise there … but, the book created by Carl Sagan is an entirely different message than that of the screenplay, which he did not write. Carl Sagan died before the movie was produced; it would have been better had he lived.

Lefkow does a great job in narration, nice listen.



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