Audiobook. The reader must be a nerd, techie devotee, to enjoy a great portion of this book. The vulnerability of the world wide internet is nothing new, and possibly this reader has a head-in-the-sand view … which is the fundamental problem from the viewpoint of Russinovich. I can fully understand the author obsession to get the point of this vulnerability across to the general public, if not the entire world. The problem is, he’s got to accomplish this without putting the reader to sleep with plather that is completely meaningless to anyone who is not a techie-nerd.

Sure, tell me about the beautiful watch, how it sounds, keeps time, gleams … but tell me how to build it and I’m dozing off with boredom. Basically this is what you’ll find in the pages of Zero Day. 

I rarely find it difficult to finish a book … but, sometimes it’s like taking medicine. Prepare to be fascinated or bored to death, there really is no in-between.




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