Audiobook. Science fiction meets crime procedural in Relic. In this first of the series, Pendergast himself doesn’t play a major role in the investigation. Most of the who-done/is-it sleuthing is done by museum employees, Pendergast a peripheral who ultimately saves the day. Preston and Child have bestowed some psychic abilities to Pendergast, or must have, because much of the detail gleaned by the museum employees doesn’t involve him directly, but he seems to know. Nice job in defining characters to like and a few to detest.

The story is adaquately read by David Colacci, however some of the New York City policemen sound pretty much alike, difficult, but not necessary, to tell them apart. Nice job with the brrrr of the Scottish scientist.

Pendergast is very popular as a fictional character, but I don’t believe it is because of this book, at least in my opinion. This popularity is a reason to move on in the series and I hope the character becomes more developed.



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