Audiobook. Passage is just over twenty-nine hours of audiobook, at least ten hours too long. The book has tons of reviews, in many you’ll find a synopsis of the story, so I’ll refrain from repetition. This, in my opinion, is one of the problems with Passage. There are many, many instances of repetition, all over the board with regard to topic, some repeated more than once. Enough. You get the idea. Get the abridged version, if you care to pursue.

With regard to fundamental beliefs, I’ve no bone to pick with Connie Willis. All of human kind has struggled with the answer of what happens after death. This is simply one opinion I can’t say I believe, although the theories of brain activity are indisputable scientific facts. The thought process resulting from this physiciological activity, is still, and probably always will be, speculative … and fodder for fictional authors.

An entertaining read. The ending is a bit of a let down. In my opinion, it is hardly breathtaking, as some reviews state.



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