Audiobook. The characters in Fear Nothing are well done. The lead, Christopher Snow, has a genetic disease that pretty much enables him to do what ever he pleases, so long as he is completely unexposed to all but the dimmest of light. He has a handful of friends that love him and basically, he’s a happy guy. Not a spoiler with that information, you’ll get that within the first few paragraphs. The remainder of the story involves the efforts of Snow to explain mysterious changes in the people and animals located in the small town of Moonlight Bay. Suspend beliefs, it’s science fiction. However, genetic manipulation is probably farther along than it was at the time this book was written. Although in typical Dean Koontz fashion, the story is presented in a manner to be spooky, the unknown capabilities of genetic science gives one pause.

Took me a while to get used to the narration of Keith Szarabaika. He worked hard at delivering the netherworld-scary rhythm … maybe a little too hard.

Personally, I found the ending a bit anticlimactic, and was hoping for more heroic efforts on the part of Christopher Snow and his band of friends.  Ultimately he does not right the wrongs of others … no happily ever after scenario. Think the worst and you’re pretty close to the truth.



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