Audiobook. First time I’ve listened to a Tami Hoag story, and not the last, as it is certainly an enjoyable read. It’s rare for a procedural crime novel to be penned by a woman, for starters. How great is that! The who-done-it story of Deeper Than the Dead is filled with well defined characters and suspense. Although the villain became apparent probably a little sooner than Hoag might have liked, it was still an enjoyable tale and I’ll likely continue the series.

Deeper Than the Dead has a significant problem, though. The portrayal by the narrator of one character, the Chicago FBI agent, doesn’t work. Kirsten Potter does a credible job with all except when dealing with this Chicago accent. The character sounded a bit more Bostonian, the opinion of this local Chicagoan. But, this minor faux pas is forgiven … she does a good job with children, women, and men. It’s a fun mystery, worth the purchase.




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