Audiobook. Lot’s of reviews, no wonder: It’s a Stephen King novel. The man says ‘story trumps all’, and within this context, 11-22-63 is a super story. However, very typically Stephen King, the book is long and wordy. For example, at one point is a description of a boxing match…fast forwarded, because you know the outcome and personally, I’m not into boxing.  There are some editing issues, i.e, thoughts expressed in the prose that are later contradicted and not caught during a close review by the author or the editor. It’s also interesting that the author is permitted the disregard of  writing standards that would ‘slush pile’ such work. Adverbs, adjectives, ‘ly’ words, POV breaks all over the board, etc. All are okay, if you are Stephen King. But, try to get away with any of this as a novice author and you’re toast.

There is an instance in the editing of the story I find a bit bizarre. The lead character is an educated teacher, smart. This character indicates a bit of distress with the fact that Marina Oswald is expecting a second child, in such a manner as to convey that he was totally ignorant of the fact. Not believable, to me. Even though the actual assassination of Kennedy would have taken place before this guy was born and is/was as much history to him as WWII, he’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen pictures of that woman with her two kids at some point. Especially considering that he’s lived through years of Kennedy assassination anniversary documentaries. Not realistic.

Narration is good. No trouble following the characters. Sadie’s voice is whiny, but maybe this is simply the way the narrator visualizes the dependent women of the time.



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