Audiobook. I’ve been a fan of Jeffrey Archer for years, long before the popularity of the audiobook. My first exposure being Kane & Abel in paperback format, and I was engrossed in absolutely wonderful story. Considering that Kane & Abel was one of Archer’s very earliest books, I’m wondering if he’s beginning to burn out. Briefly, False Impression centers around the ownership, stealing, and recovery of a valuable Van Gogh painting. It begins with a hair raising escape from the north tower of the World Trade Center in 2001, but has nothing to do with the terrorism involved. The inclusion of this horrific event seemed almost gratuitous. There are no typical Archer twists, no surprises. Simply a well outlined plot and the author moves through his story in a predictable fashion.

Given that this review is of the audiobook, a few comments about the narration are warranted. A few of the voices are well done. Lady Arabella, in particular, is very nice. Most of the male voices are distinctive and recognizable throughout the book. However, Anna, the lead character, is atrocious and difficult to listen to, as her accent simply seemed … wrong. Given the necessary dialogue of this character, I had some trouble staying with the story without frowning on occasion. False Impression is narrated by Byron Jennings.



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