Audiobook. The first few pages grab your interest with a grizzly event involving two children witnessing a murder. The remainder of this procedural drama traverses the adventures of a toughened rancher seeking the answers. Bad cops have infiltrated a peaceful Idaho community.

The individual motivations of characters is nicely done, you feel sorry for some, detest others. Empathy is drawn even to peripheral characters caught up in the scenarios created.

No spoilers, but there are a few surprise deaths; the ending of the book is disappointing in that it became a bit ethereal. This isn’t an element throughout the book, only the last chapter.

I had no trouble with the reader; he did very well with a variety of ages, sexes, and ethnicities. No trouble determining who-said-what-to-who. Not what anyone would label as a deep book, simply a nice page-turning mystery. Easy listen. 



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