Audiobook. Time After Time is a romance-time-travel novel set in 1888. In modern day 2001, a beautiful girl from Philadelphia takes a flight to New Orleans to stand up for an old college friend at a wedding. During the reception, Kelley Brennan takes a stroll into the moss-draped woods of the south dressed in her key-lime-pie bridesmaid dress. Within moments she is transported to 1888, believed by a young girl to be a fairy. The story proceeds to a romance with the little girl’s widowed father.

About mid way through the book, I was hoping for more serious fictional conflict, but it’s pretty much a formulaic girl-meets-boy story and is limited to the two lead characters overcoming their pasts and succumbing to their love. Kelley easily slipped back in time to 1888, so I thought the author might make her easily slip back to modern day, as well, thereby increasing tension. I guess I was hoping for a little more to the story.

Regarding the audio production, the voices were great with the exception of the child, which was awful.



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