Audiobook. This story has been out there for a while and has thousands of reviews. The following is just my take. I bought the book primarily because it is book one in a series and I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into a good espionage character … a character sort of like Mitch Rapp from the Vince Flynn series. Dewey Andreas doesn’t quite measure up to Mitch, but hey. Flynn passed on and there will be no more Mitch, so……..

In Power Down, America has been attacked. Although not via nuclear explosion. The story focuses on the significant disruption of a specific oil related company and the oil industry as a whole, in addition to the soft targets of universities and malls that our enemies find irresistible.

An interesting insight into the dependence of America on foreign petroleum products … yet. It has been many years since the tragedy of 9/11 and one must ask themselves why this is still true.  Power Down is along the lines of a Vince Flynn or Brad Thor story. The enemies are among us, have been for years, and wait silently to pull the trigger on our destruction. The story is good.

The reader, however, is lacking. His execution of an ‘angry’ male voice seems to always come across as a man with his teeth clenched, regardless of the character. I found this predictable and distracting, since some of the guys in this story are pissed most of the time. 🙂 The narrator, Peter Hermann, does a great job with female voices, surprisingly.

Although I’m not bowled over with the book, it is enough of a read to motivate me. I’ll continue with the exploits of Dewey Andreas.



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