Audiobook review. Initial observation is that this story is too long, close to twenty hours. Seems to be a legacy this author has inherited, a family trait as Joe Hill’s father is Stephen King. Fortunately, another element inherited is that Joe Hill can tell a good story. NOS4A2 is a page turner, albeit you’re tempted to fast-forward through some areas.

If you look for meaning behind the title, it’s a stretch. There are no vampires. Just a really bad guy who drives a fancy antique car with the license plate NOS4A2. Synopsis: Victoria (Vic) grows into a troubled woman with the continued childhood ability to transport herself through a covered bridge to adventures that ultimately result in the abduction and eventual rescue of her son from the devious Charlie Manx.  There is a credibility issue with regard to the number of times Vic is stabbed, beaten, broken, bloodied, etc., and in the next paragraph or chapter is again a super-wonder-woman.

There is a bit of author-trying-to-hard to make the story and family legacy of ‘horror’ carry forth in NOS4A2, a bit over the top with purple prose meant to chill that I found myself rolling my eyes at…just me.

The star of this production is the narrator. Absolutely bringing truth to the axiom that a good narrator can turn a so-so production into a true pleasure. Totally out of character for the captain of a starship, i.e., tsk-tsk with that potty-mouth, Janeway. But, boo-ya to Kate Mulgrew, great job.



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