Audiobook review. There isn’t much I can write about this novel that hasn’t been written before. The audiobook version was published in 2006, so it has been out there for quite a while; there are over 4000 reviews on Amazon. I bought this book for one reason: A television commercial for the upcoming movie. I wasn’t disappointed. 

To be brief, if you read one book this year, this should be your selection. The Book Thief is the story of a German girl and her small town during WWII.  In an amazing and gripping tale, the author weaves a story through the point of view of Death. Grasping at any semblance of understanding, either through her own revelations or the words of others, you’ll be completely taken with this journey of Liesel Meminger. This story of war, through the eyes of an innocent German child, is an amazing awakening. As they say in the lexicon today, ‘Just do it.’ Buy this book. You will be stunned.



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