Audiobook review. When downloaded, the reader was Peter Berkrot. I listened to eleven chapters and received an email from Audible informing me that the audiobook had been replaced due to listener reviews. The remainder of the book was narrated by Luke Daniels. I had no problem with narration. I have no criticism of either.

Honestly, I’m struggling with the proper tone of this review. I admire Roberts, any struggling author would. The J. D. Robb In Death series alone is enviable, let alone all the other best selling books and made-for-TV gems this author has penned. The story of Whiskey Beach is okay, I guess, typical boy-gets-girl love story, ultimately. Throw in some murder, mystery, and an ancient mansion overlooking a wind-swept beach and you have a winner.

One of my issues with this story doesn’t have anything to do with a tried and true formula, which Roberts has perfected. It’s more along the lines of writing conventions that successful veteran writers ignore. An example is point of view. In Whiskey Beach, today’s acceptable standards are ignored. If submitted by an unknown writer, this book is likely headed to the slush pile. Personally, the double standard is a bit hard to take. If you’re a Nora Roberts, the rules don’t apply.

The book is enjoyable, albeit a bit formulaic. A three-star read.



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