Audiobook. Not giving away any secrets, no spoilers. But, within the first page or two, unlike many of the In Death series, you know who the murderer is, his motivation, and weapon of choice.

So, the mystery is within the cunning chase involving Eve, Peapody, Roarke, and the rest of the usual cast of characters. Thankless is a timely book, in that the Thanksgiving Holiday and a seasonal visit by Roarke’s Irish family blends into the story. Eve’s distaste for any holiday is understandable, having been subjected to the the void of these events in her past. But, Roarke’s need for a family bond sort of exaggerates Eve’s selfishness in this regard. Robb does a terrific job in the light ‘romance’ of the novel, but it’s becoming apparent to me that the romance is more from Roarke than Eve. At least he puts up with a great deal of her nonsense. Maybe I’m becoming a little cynical and beginning to know the characters too well, since I’ve read the entire series through Thankless in Death. Sometimes I’d like to shake her :-). One of my pleasures is to turn on my audiobook and listen when I go to bed. Not sure what it says about the In Death stories lately, but if I fall to sleep during the playback, I’m at the point where I no longer reverse the player.

Very simple writing, made for the masses, predictable.



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