The word alone is sometimes all it takes. FREE!

To a degree, it’s been proven that free copies of your book work, but 5000 downloads because your book is FREE won’t buy a bus token and worse yet, if the book hasn’t been edited or vetted, it will indeed get your name out there and get you a reputation, but not the wondrous reputation you want.

Some authors are completely convinced that tagging a book as FREE is helping them with the goal of becoming the next J.K.Rowling or whatever. Well, I’m of the opinion that the content of the material has more of an impact on sales.

PLEASE, get your ebook professionally edited. Get the book vetted. Get critiques. Get a beta-read. Polish and polish again. Then, and only then, click ‘submit’ and self-publish. NO misspellings. NO run-on sentences! Stop giving the self-published world the reputation of providing crap by complete due diligence!


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