Occasionally issues arise that raise my blood pressure. Spouting off at my husband or chihuahua or a few unfortunate friends simply gets understanding nods or a sympathetic cold nose. I’ll leave it to you to guess on that.

Thought I’d take advantage of the fact that I have a blog, such as it is, and voice my opinion once in a while. Take or leave, comment or not, I don’t really care. These are my opinions, mine alone. If you agree, you’re a very smart person, if you don’t, well…..that’s the way it goes, and it’s okay. I’m sure you’re a very nice person anyway. ­čśŤ Comment if you like, or not. But I won’t count on a soul reading or caring a whit.┬áContribute a better name other than ‘Samyism’ if you can think of one, the name came about with a few seconds of thought.┬áHere goes….with my first Samyism:

Unfortunately, the scenario of authors jumping the gun simply because they can and it is so easy is giving the world of self publishing the reputation of flooding the book market with crap. The sad part is that many good writers are being lumped into this toxic pool because of the avalanche of people who have discovered the magic and ease of KDP or similar services.

Just look at the nightmare at Goodreads. The entire debacle has been caused by hot tempered authors lacking the maturity to stomach a bad review. ┬áThey push an ebook out to Amazon expecting it to take off like the next Twilight or 50 Shades, get called on the quality of their work in a review, and spout off in review comments. Goodreads users are fuming about review deletions in Goodread’s attempt to fix the issue.

Not sure where it’s all headed, but the next couple of years is going to be interesting to watch.┬áKDP, and the like, ┬áare just too tempting and easy.┬áCavemen can do it.

These words of wisdom are from a self-published author. So, shoot me, but it’s what I think. BTW, I reserve the right to change my mind :-). It’s my blog, after all!


One Response to The opinion of a self-published author on the plethora of self-published books.

  1. ED Martin says:

    I think a lot of it comes down to a self-centered population. “MY book is awesome. MY opinion is right.” With a mindset like that, there’s no room for discussion or nuances. There’s no room for the idea that maybe you’re wrong, or at least not as right as someone else.

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