As I mention in a review of The Third Option, I’m in the process of re-reading Vince Flynn’s amazing books. A tribute to the man, I guess, given there is not much else I can do. He passed away on June 19, 2013 and I felt that I needed a fix.

Transfer of Power is in the vein of his other novels, which entails the beliefs of some Islamic fundamentalists, and how their salvation somehow requires the annihilation of America and the murder of Americans. These stories are not for the faint-hearted in these beliefs. The author makes no bones about the fact that this is the objective of these people and has been for years.

I won’t be giving away any secrets with a definition of the title. It simply references the constitutional process of transferring power from the President of the United States to the Vice President. It is required in this story because the White House is stormed and the American President is confined to the White House bunker, with all communications disabled.

I suppose the most riveting factor, beyond the nail-biting tense action, is the fact that the entire scenario, as it pertains to the human dynamics involved, is so possible. This story will never be dated, unless we find ourselves one day sophisticated enough to teleport individuals when needed. The behavior of some characters is so intentionally frustrating, you can actually picture politicians of today playing the roles. Sort of like Allan Drury, who wrote Advise & Consent in the 1950s, the behavior of those politicians also are headlines today.

Another point of interest, if you’re a fan of Vince Flynn … this story has all the characters we love. Irene Kennedy, Sanford, Mitch Rapp. His girlfriend, Anna, is introduced.

There will be no more Mitch Rapp with Vince’s death. How sad is that. But, in my heart of hearts, I truly hope that there exists people like this character in the efforts of our country to protect Americans from the oh-so-real animals that rose from Vince’s imagination.

RIP, Mr. Flynn. I will read on. Again and again.


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