This is one of the better Jude Devereaux romances. The chemistry between lead characters is great. Although there is adult content, I wouldn’t hesitate for a teen interested in historical romance to read. I’m not sure where this story fits in the chronology of exactly when it was released in the series by Devereaux, but it is the background story of the town named Edeline This town appears in Lavender Morning, and if I’d known, I would have read Days of Gold first.

The real star in this story is the reader, Davina Porter. She is, hands down, my favorite female reader and I have no doubt I enjoyed the story partially because of her narration. Her diction is superb, the male voices excellent. I highly recommend anyone interested in the world of audio books listen to Davina at least once. In addition to Devereaux books, Davina Porter is the reader for the Outlander series by Gabaldon. The lead male character in Days of Gold is a man named Angus. He has the same voice as Jamie in the Outlander books … but that won’t bother you, in that both characters are authentically represented as Scotsman, kilts included with the brrr of their Scottish brogue.

It’s all in this story, the reluctant hero, the feisty beauty, forbidden love, and a wonderful supporting cast of good guys and bad guys. Fun listen, and not likely my last Jude Devereaux.


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