The last 1/3 seemed to be cramming a bunch of plot into too few pages/scenes. The author tied up loose ends and seeing the end of the book in sight, raced to the finish. Secondly, if you’re a writer, you may question the current mantra regarding POV, point of view. There are opinions of editors/writers/publishers/agents etc., that a writer should pick one and and stick to it, no exceptions. This author does pretty much as he pleases with regard to POV. John Grisham doesn’t need to follow writing rules because, well … because he’s John Grisham. There are those, like Steven King, who say ‘story trumps all’ …ergo, trumps writing rules? Yeah, I think so. The story of the Racketeer is okay, creative. There are plot twists near the end as you would expect from Grisham. It’s not as good as his early works, so don’t expect it to be.



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