This is a very typical Sparks romance. If you like him as an author and you like the genre, this’ll do. In my opinion, Safe Haven is repetitive throughout and formulaic in the dynamics of the story and the relationships among all the characters until the ending, which is original indeed. Until the ending I sort of had the feeling that I knew the story, where it was going, and had heard it all before. Rebecca Lowman, the reader, was good, emotional where it was required to convey the words written. I’ve heard this is to be a movie, and I guess money-goes-to-money is the reason why. I get the feeling that it was written with that possibility in mind. Which is ok, I guess..but transparent. Bottom line, worth a credit if you like Nicholas Sparks. It’s nice to have a male author write a sweet, PG-rated romance, which is a Sparks forte. You can let your teen read it. Enjoy!



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