5.0 out of 5 stars A captivating piece of historical fiction with dual timelines January 20, 2013

Yesterday: A Novel of ReincarnationThis debut novel by Samyann grabs your attention in the opening scene and it won’t let go. Her narratives move along with cinematic imagery. The book features dual timelines. It opens on a contemporary setting in downtown Chicago. The heroine Amanda Parker, rescues the mounted police officer Mark Callahan from a falling Chicago ‘L’ Train.The second timeline takes us back to events of the American Civil War and the Chicago fire of 1871.Scenes alternate as we follow a budding romance between Amanda and Mark. During the regression, she attempts to make sense of her own heritage and a young girl from the past.

You’ll like the characters, be thrilled by amazing action scenes and rush through the pages to see if love wins the day.

I read a pre-release copy from an authors’ critique site.

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